CDR FoodLab® PalmOilTester

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Chemical Analyses on Palm Oil with CDR PalmOilTester

CDR PalmOilTester is the analysis system for crude and refined palm oil, ideal to perform quality and process control tests in all production stages and at plant on in chemistry laboratories of food industry.

CDR PalmOilTester can determine:

  • Free Fatty Acids (FFA) in 1 minute
  • Peroxides in 4 minutes
  • DOBI & Carotene in 6 minutes
  • Iodine value in 2 minutes
  • p-Anisidine Value in 2 minutes

Thanks to its ease of use and reliability, CDR PalmOilTester is employed by palm oil producers in Asia, Africa and South America during all production stages.

Furthermore, CDR PalmOilTester is used in testing laboratories or directly on production lines in many food industries worldwide that use palm oil as a cooking oil and shortening or in the manufacture of margarine, non-dairy creamers and ice cream and so on.

It offers an analytical method that combines reliability of results with a simple and rapid use.


How are tests on palm oil performed?

Performing chemical analyses on palm oil, either crude or refined, is simple and fast because sample preparation is minimal. All reagents are supplied pre-vialed and ready to use, and operators do not have to handle toxic or carcinogenic compounds; there is no need to wash either containers or traditional glassware.


CDR PalmOilTester can be used to test crude, refined, and Kernel Palm Oil to determine:

Palm Oil

  • Free Fatty Acids
  • Peroxide Value
  • Anisidine Value (AnV)
  • DOBI & Carotene content
  • Iodine Value test

Analytical kits CDR-222004Z01

Test type Number of tests Code Measuring Range
Low Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
100 *300125 Palm oil: 0,01 – 0,54% Palmitic Acid
Palm Kernel Oil: 0,01 – 0,45% lauric acid
High Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
100 *300125 + *300129 1 – 12,57% Palmitic Acid
Palm Kernel Oil: 1 – 10,60% lauric acid
Peroxide Value (PV)
100 *300150 Refined oil: 0,1 – 25,4 meqO2/Kg
Crude oil: 0,5 – 60,5 meqO2/Kg
DOBI & Carotene 100 *300195 DOBI 0,1 – 20
Carotene 0,1 – 862,26 ppm of ß-carotene
p-Anisidine Value (AnV) 100 *300500 0,5 – 100 AnV
Iodine value (IV)
100 *300560 2 – 100 I.V.


Tests Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
Peroxide Value
p-Anisidine Value
Iodine value in Palm Oil
Simultaneous analyses 16
Possibility of running several tests on the same sample
Incubation module 37˚C thermostatic block with 16 slots
Internal memory to store analysis results
Touch Screen Display
USB host port to connect USB memories
USB port to connect to a PC
Ethernet (LAN) port
Wireless link for external printer
Dimensions and weight 32 X 29,5 X 13 cm (L x P x  H) – 2,8 Kg
Lithium ion battery