CDR CoffeeLab®

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CDR CoffeeLab®: coffee analysis from fruit to cup

CDR CoffeeLab® is an innovative coffee analysis system. Derived from the CDR WineLab® oenological analysis system, it allows analyses to be carried out to control fermentation processes and to define the chemical profile of green beans, roasted coffee and the beverage. 

All applications

Coffee Fermentation

Green coffee, roasted coffee and baverage

Water for coffee preparation


Your lab in the plantation and in the roastery

With CDR CoffeeLab® you can analyse the ripening of the fruit and check the fermentation process in the plantation.
In the roastery you can independently analyse green coffee and roasted coffee and check the differences according to the different roasting levels.

From harvest to cup, the analysis system useful throughout the coffee chain

CDR CoffeeLab® is a tool for analysing the chemical profile of coffee at the various stages of the production process, through the determination of total acidity, individual organic acids and sugars.
You will have at your disposal in a single instrument the analyses for the control of the fermentation process. 

With CDR CoffeeLab® you can carry out fruit and fermentation water analyses, monitoring the level of organic acids and sugars.

You can systematically and scientifically control the development of these substances, which, as they transfer to the bean during fermentation, you will find in your cup in the form of new, more complex aromas.