CDR FoodLab® Analyzers for Nuts

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Chemical Analyses for Quality Control of Nuts

CDR FoodLab® is the analysis system that allows to perform fast quality controls on nuts and seeds in order to determine their oxidation status, abandoning the use of toxic solvents like Soxhlet involved in traditional testing methods.

CDR FoodLab® easily performs chemical analyses on nuts and  seeds to determine their oxidation status and efficaciously monitor the natural degradation and rancidity process of batches of product.

With no use of toxic solvents, the system can determine:

  • Free Fatty Acids in 1 minute
  • Peroxide Value in 4 minutes
  • p-Anisidine Value in 6 minutes

CDR FoodLab® can analyze micro-quantities of samples by extracting the oil with a simple mechanical treatment. No maintenance and calibration is required. The system can be used not only in a laboratory, but also real time at processing planteven by staff with no previous specific lab tech experience.

How to determine the oxidation status of nuts

Performing chemical analyses to monitor the oxidation status of oils and fats contained in hard shelled dried fruit, seeds, etc. is simple and fast because with the CDR system you extract the oil to analyze with a simple mechanical treatment, abandoning the use of toxic solvents, extraction hoods, All reagents are supplied in pre-filled cuvettes and ready to use, and operators do not have to handle toxic or carcinogenic compounds; there is no need to wash either containers or traditional glassware.

Thanks to the Multitasking Mode, on the oil extracted you can determine in 5 minutes Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide Vale and p-Anisidine Value, complex analytical instruments and complicated methods.

Save your time

To assess the oxidation status of an oil contained in  nuts or seeds, CDR FoodLab® relies on analytical procedures and dedicated reagents specifically developed by the research laboratories of CDR that allow:

  • a sample preparation that is quick and easy and that does not involve the use of toxic solvents;
  • making analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
  • removing all needs for complex calibration procedures.

Moreover, CDR FoodLab® allows accelerating analytical procedures. Its thermostated incubation cells and the multitasking mode allow performing in an simple and fast way:

  • several analyses at the same time on the same sample
  • sixteen different assays for the same parameter on a batch of different samples.

With the CDR extraction system you extract the oil to analyze with a simple mechanical treatment that allows to rapidly assess the quality of nuts abandoning traditional testing methods that foresee the use of toxic solvents (Soxhlet).


Nuts and Hard Shell Fruits

  • Free Fatty Acids
  • Peroxide Value
  • Anisidine Value (AnV)


CDR extraction system enables to obtain a sufficient quantity of oil to perform quality control tests with CDR FoodLab via cold pressure, abandoning the use of toxic solvents

Extraction system: This innovative, practical and fast extraction system enables to obtain a sufficient quantity of oil to perform quality control tests with CDR FoodLab® directly from hard shelled dried fruit (walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pistachios, etc.) via cold pressure, abandoning the use of solvents (Soxlhet).

Analytical Kits

Test typeNumber of testsCodeMeasuring Range
Acidity10 e 100Info on codes
and measuring range
0,01 – 24% ac. oleic acid
Peroxides20*3001590,01 – 50 mEqO2/Kg
p-Anisidine Value10*3005030,5 – 100 AnV