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-25℃ Biomedical Freezer

From: RM6,361.18 From: RM4,194.00

-25℃ Low Temperature Freezer

From: RM13,420.00 From: RM8,741.00

-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

From: RM20,000.00 From: RM13,176.00

-30ºC Spark Free Freezer

From: RM8,403.53 From: RM5,271.00

-40℃ Biomedical Freezer (Upright)

From: RM9,210.59 From: RM5,629.00

-86°C Low Energy ULT Freezer-LED Display

From: RM37,815.29 From: RM30,735.00

-86℃ Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

From: RM43,513.00 From: RM28,329.00

-86°C Under-counter ULT Freezer

RM32,271.00 -34%

5℃ Laboratory Refrigerator

From: RM10,125.88 From: RM6,588.00

Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

From: RM30,756.47 From: RM20,841.00

Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)

From: RM13,202.00 From: RM8,059.00
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