CDR FoodLab® BeerLab® chemical Analyzers for in-house control in brewing process

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Chemical Analysis of Beer, Wort and Water with CDR BeerLab®

The CDR BeerLab® is the analysis system built to analyze Beer, Wort and Water. The CDR BeerLab® is designed to perform In-House Process and Quality Controls during each phases of your brewing process.

This versatile system is specifically devised by CDR to respond to the needs of master brewers and to breweries of all size from small to large enterprises. The CDR BeerLab® analysis system allows you to perform a wide range oftests on beer, wort and water with a single device, faster and with ease compared to the traditional methods, all while being totally in-house without having to rely on external laboratories.

So you can determine the most important parameters during all brewing process phases; from the beginning of fermentation to bottling the finished product, all without the need for a chemical laboratory or experienced lab personnel.


How can you perform the tests?

With CDR BeerLab®chemical tests on Beer, Wort and Water are performed in just a few steps and results are yielded right away:

  • Select the parameter to measure from the menu: the system automatically selects the correct wavelength.
  • Use the supplied pipette to add the correct volume of sample to the pre-vialed reagent, specifically developed by our laboratories. A colorimetric reaction is generated.
  • Follow the displayed instructions.

The result of the test is automatically calculated, displayed and printed in just a few minutes in its unit of measure.

If you need the Help function will lead you through the analysis process “Step by Step”.

You don’t have to handle toxic or carcinogenic compounds; there is no need to use fume hood or to wash either containers or traditional glassware.

You can perform the tests at production line, even if you don’t have any laboratory technical skills.

CDR beerLab® comes pre-calibrated and ready to use!

How does CDR BeerLab® Work? Watch the video …


CDR FoodLab® allows accelerating analytical procedures because you can perform 16 simultaneous tests.

Furthermore, the Multitasking function allows performing several analyses at the same time on the same sample or sixteen different assays for the same parameter on a batch of different samples. All of this in an simple and fast way.

Analysis of Beer, Wort and Water for in-house brewing process control and Analytical Kits


Beer, Wort and Water

  • Bitterness (IBU)
  • Fermentable Sugars
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
  • Acetic acid
  • Yeast Vitality
  • Vicinal Diketons (VDKs)
  • Total sulfur dioxide
  • Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) by OPA
  • Colour
  • Starch
  • pH
  • Lactic Acid (D + L)
  • Polyphenols in beer
  • Carbohydrates in Beer
  • Calcium in Beer and Water
  • Alkalinity of water
  • Bicarbonate in Water
  • Zinc in Water
  • Sulfate in Water
  • Magnesium in Water
  • Potassium in Water
  • Chloride in Water

Analytical Kits

Beer testNumber of testsCodeMeasuring Range
Fermentable sugars10*300645[0,1 – 150] g/L maltose
[0 – 10] %vv alcoholic increase
Bitterness10*300635[5 – 100] IBU
Color10*300655EBC [1-100] SRM [0,5-50]
Lactic acid D+L10*300715[150 – 3500] ppm Lactic acid [D+L]
Alcohol by volume10*300735[0 – 10] % vv
pH 10*300625[4,50 – 6,50]
Starch10*300615[0,10 – 10] g/L
FAN (Free Amino Nitrogen)10*300785[30 -300] ppm
Total sulfur dioxide (SO2)10*300865[1 -30] mg/L
Vicinal Diketones (VDKs)10*300925[ 0.10 – 2] ppm
Yeast Vitality10*300903[0.2 – 2.5] AP
Acetic Acid10*300893[20 – 220] mg/L
Water testNumber of testsCodeMeasuring Range
Calcium10*300695[5- 250] ppm
Magnesium10*300673[2 – 50] ppm
Bicarbonates10*300663[0 – 300] ppm
Chlorides10*300705[100 – 500] ppm
Potassium10*300683[50 – 500] ppm
Sulfates10*300685[20 – 250] ppm
Zinc10*300845[0.05 – 1] ppm