BioWasher 100 ELISA Washer

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◆ Wise-tilt stand, reduces liquid residue and more ergonomic.
◆ Specially designed height of tubes, prevents cross-contamination.
◆ Durable and autoclavable.

ELISA Microplate Washer Features


  • Economical ELISA washer
    Biowasher 100 is a gravity-fed manual washer, no electricity needed. Ideal for lab scale ELISA washing of 96-well microplate, 8-tube strip, or similar applications.
  • Wise-tilt stand
    A secure stand to support flat or tilted plate to reduce liquid residue and be more ergonomic.
  • No cross-contamination
    The 8-channel dispenser is designed with 2 rows of tubes with different heights to prevent cross-contamination in each well.
    – Short tubes: distribute washing solution
    – Long tubes: suck the waste liquid by vacuum
  • Durable and autoclavable
    The wetted parts of 8-channel dispenser are made of PTFE and SS304, making it resistant to chemical and fully autoclavable.

ELISA Microplate Washer Applications


  • ELISA washing
  • 96-well microplate washing


ELISA Microplate Washer Ordering Information


Part NumberDescription
196100-00BioWahser 100, Microplate Wash Kit

BioWasher 100 ELISA Microplate Washer Specification


▸ Hose barb: ID5
▸ Net weight: 560 g
▸ Dimension (LxWxH): 20 x 15 x 8 cm
▸ 8-channel dispenser – PTFE, SS304
▸ Microplate stand – Acrylic