EzDecap, Automated Screw Cap Decapper

Blue-Ray Biotech’s innovative, cost-effective solution for easy and efficient sample tube cap handling across various applications. With patent-pending one-handed automation and versatile operation modes, it’s perfect for biosafety cabinets and benchtops.

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Blue-Ray Biotech, a professional developer and manufacturer of life science products, has introduced EzDecap Automated Screw Cap Decapper, an innovative, affordable solution designed to streamline sample tube cap handling across a wide range of applications, from cryotubes to 50 ml centrifuge tubes. With patent-pending technology, the EzDecap enables practical one-handed automation, reducing cap dropping errors and enhancing efficiency. It offers versatile operation modes to address various tube handling needs, and its compact design is well-suited for both biosafety cabinets and bench-top operation.


Features and Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency

Streamlines tube handling with one-handed operation using patent-pending technology, ideal for high-volume daily tasks.

Broad Compatibility

Handles diverse tube types, from cryotubes to 50 ml centrifuge tubes, with no change of cap gripper required.

Optimal Space Utilization

Compact footprint fits into biosafety cabinets and workbenches.

Affordable Automated Solution

Enjoy comprehensive functionality at a cost-effective price.

Dual Measurement Modes

Micro-Volume Mode
– Only 1 μL of undiluted sample is needed.
– The sample window is coated with a nano hydrophobic layer to stabilize the liquid column.
– The detection arm is cushioned to protect it from shock and impact during closure.

Cuvette Mode
– EzDrop 1000C has built in 37- 45°C temperature control and stir functions to meet specific applications.

Broad Compatibility

Cap Diameter: 11 – 40 mm
– 50 ml Centrifuge tubes
– 15 ml Centrifuge tubes
– Microcentrifuge tubes
– Cryotubes

Versatile Operation Modes

Select from four distinct operation modes to suit various capping and decapping needs
– Hold Cap
– Release Cap
– Decap Only
– Cap Only


  • Nucleic acid test
  • Bioscience laboratory
  • Medical service


EzDecap Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)

240 x 170 x 290 mm


Body: 0.9 kg / Bracket: 2.1 kg

Cycle Time Decap/Cap

< 3 sec


11 – 40 mm diameter screw cap tubes

Sensing Method

Pressure sensor

Power Adapter

Input: AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz / Output: DC 9V, 4A