Serological Pipets


Serological Pipets

All pipets are supplied with a filter plug 

Our cell culture laboratory offers serological pipettes with 7 different capacities ranging from 0ml to 0ml. Each pipette has a glass plug to ensure sterile conditions during the experimental procedure and fits conveniently into any standard centrifuge tube. 

Cell culture serological pipettes with 0, 0, 0ml and 0ml volumes are designed with an all-in-one support contact for additional operability. The 0, 0, 0ml models are manufactured using stretch blow molding techniques and the smaller sizes of 0ml are produced using ultrasonic welding at the tip and mouthpiece for improved strength.  

*Graduations are calibrated for accurate dispensing to within ±1%

*Different color ring for easy identification

*Bidirectional graduations on the pipets provide added applicability

*Negative graduation allows additional working volume

*All pipets are supplied with a filter plug

*Strict consistency tested



Cat. No. Volume




Color Code Material Sterile Package Qty. Per case
JET-GSP010001 1 1/100 Yellow PS Y Paper/Plastic 500
JET-GSP010002 2 1/50 Green PS Y Paper/Plastic 500
JET-GSP010005 5 1/10 Blue PS Y Paper/Plastic 200
JET-GSP010010 10 1/10 Orange PS Y Paper/Plastic 200
JET-GSP010025 25 2/10 Red PS Y Paper/Plastic 150
JET-GSP010050 50 5/10 Purple PS Y Paper/Plastic 100
JET-GSP010100 100 1 Pink PS Y Paper/Plastic 50

Item List

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Available Options

JET-GSP0100011ml Serological pipets, Yellow, 1/100ml. sterilized, individual wrapRM307.00
JET-GSP01001010ml Serological pipets, Orange, 1/10ml. sterilized, individual wrapRM217.00
JET-GSP0100022ml Serological pipets, green, 1/50ml. sterilized, individual wrapRM360.00
JET-GSP0100055ml Serological pipets, blue, 1/10ml. sterilized, individual wrapRM172.00
JET-GSP01002525ml Serological pipets, Red, 2/10ml, sterilized, individual wrap RM174.00
JET-GSP01005050ml Serological pipets, purple, 5/10ml. sterilized, individual wrapRM286.00