Solution Basins


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Solution Basins

? Made of PVC, polystyrene (PS), or strong polypropylene (PP)

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BI-25-0052Solution Basins, PVC, Nonsterile, 55ml Capacity, Clear, 100 Pieces/Pack, 8Packs/CaseRM900.00
BI-25-1025Solution Basins, PS, Sterile, 25ml Capacity, White, Individually Wrapped, 1 Piece/Bag, 100 Bags/CaseRM514.00
BI-25-0051Solution Basins, PS, Sterile, 55ml Capacity, White, Individually WrappedRM500.00
BI-25-1100Solution Basins, PS, Sterile, 100ml Capacity, White, Individually WrappedRM243.00
BI-25-1202Solution Basins, 12-Channel Flip-SideTM, PP, Non-sterile, Assorted colorsRM457.00