*Cuvettes are select disposable products for their optics speciality and chemically resistant.

*Pure crystal clear virgin GPPS ensures the transparency

*Available with standard volume size of 4.5ml, 10mm path length

*CV of transmittance is less than 0.3%

*Resistant with most polar organic solvents

*Smooth sides make optical pathway no inflecting

*Recessed sides prevent scratching and convenient for grip

Item List

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Cat. No. Material Volume (ml) Recommended

Working volume

Specification (mm × mm × mm) Speciality Qty. per box/case
JET-CUV010045 PS 4.5 3~4ml 10 × 10 × 45 Two optical windows 100/1000
JET-CUV010015 PS 1.5 1~2.5ml 10 × 10 × 45 Two optical windows 100/1000

Available Options

JET-CUV010015Cuvette 1.5ml, PS, 10x10mm, two optical windows, Case of 10 boxesRM533.00
JET-CUV0100454.5mL Plastic Cuvette, 10mm path length, 100pcs/box, 10 boxes/caseRM533.00