Deep-Well Multiwell Plates (96-well Plate)

Deep-Well Multiwell Plates (96-well Plate)

Deep-well Multiwell Plates are excellent con-tainer as mother plates in cell and tissue culture assays requiring, sample storage and more

*Manufactured form high-quality virgin polypropylene

*Available with 5 different well volumes : 0.36ml, 0.4ml, 1.0ml, 2.0ml and 2.2ml

*Resistant to a wide variety of chemicals

*Compatible with most robotic samplers and automated liquid handling systems

*Designed notched corners to facilitate orientation

*Stackable for easy storage

*Can be used with flexible mat covers reduce sample evaporation and contamination


Item List

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Cat. No Volume(ml) Well Qty. Bottom Lid Sterile Qty. per box Qty. per case
JET-DMP161096 1.6 96 U Type N Y 1 50
JET-DMP161196 1.6 96 U Type Y Y 1 50
JET-DMP220096 2.2 96 U Type N N 1 50
JET-DMP221096 2.2 96 U Type N Y 1 96