Reagent Reservoir


Reagent Reservoir

In the automatic pipetting process, the reservoir can perfectly overcome the surface tension of the liquid and minimize residual liquid.

*Engraved graduation ensure accuracy

*Avilable with 3 size : 25, 50 , 100ml

*Quiet handing and light weight


*Tapped for nesting when stored

*Available in sterilized

*Stability is strong, easy to operate, with scale


Cat. No. Volume ( ml) Colour Sterilize Qty. per bag/case
JET-LTT012025 25  white Y 1/50
JET-LTT012050 50 Y 1/50

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JET-LTT012050Reagent reservoir, 50ml, White color, Sterile, 1pc/bag, 50pcs/caseRM165.70