Inoculating Loop & Needle Sterilized


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Inoculating Loop

  • Made of medical-grade high impact polystyrene
  • Ultra-smooth loop surface design facilitates uniform and smooth streaking without damaging the gel surface
  • Loops available in 1?L and 10?L sizes with strict measurement; the opposite end of each loop can be used as a needle
  • Round-shaped needle avoid any damage during colonies selection
  • Gamma radiation sterilized; non-pyrogenic
  • Packed in zip-seal bag, includes a piece of cardboard with production description

Available Options

BI-65-00011?l Inoculating Loop, Sterile, Blue, 25 Pcs/Pack, 40 Packs/CaseRM271.00
BI-65-0002Innoculating needles, Sterile, Yellow, 25 Pcs/Pack, 40 Packs/CaseRM329.00
BI-65-001010?l Inoculating Loop, Sterile, OrangeRM286.00