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Pcr plate


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PCR Plates

96-well 0.2ml PCR Plates, Non-Sterile, Half-Skirted, DNase & RNase Free, Clear, 25 Pieces/Pack, 4 Packs/Case

? Made of medical-grade polypropylene

? Ultra-thin wall of uniform thickness-accelerate heat transfer; half-skirted plate provides superior rigidity, non-skirted plate easy to be cut

? Alphanumeric coding assist in sample organization; convex design around the aperture for leak-proof.

? DNase, RNase, and endotoxin free

? Temperature range: stable from -20?C to 100?C

? Universal fits for the PCR instrument; withstand centrifugation of 6,000 RCF in a fully supported rotor


Cat No. Well Skirt Color Sterile Unit
BI-60-0056 96-well Half-Skirted Clear NO 25/Pack, 100/Case