Transfer Pipets


Transfer Pipets

Disposable transfer pipets are perfect products for quick, safe transfer of fluid.

*Available with 3 different capacities of 0.2, 1.0 and 3.0ml

*Long flexible stem can be bent to draw liquid from narrow or small volume tubes into the bulb

*Can be used in liquid Nitrogen

*Uniform drop size

Item List

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Available Options

JET-PP0000101.0ml, Non Sterilized, bulk packagingRM814.00
JET-PP0000303.0ml, Non Sterilized, bulk packagingRM872.00
JET-PP101010Transfer Pipets 1mL, Sterilized,individual packagingRM1,043.00
JET-PP101030Transfer Pipets, 3.0ml, Sterilized, Individual Packaging, (Bag of 200's)RM1,100.00