ChemiSOLO Personal Chemiluminescent Imager


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NEW! chemiSOLO (CS1000)

Introducing a new, personal chemiluminescent imager that delivers high-quality, quantitative chemiluminescent and visible protein gel imaging through a unique web-based control software.

ChemiSOLO is a revolutionary product that’s giving life a whole new light! This cutting-edge chemiluminescent imager makes it possible to do western blots like never before. With the help of ChemiSOLO, you can quickly and accurately detect and quantify proteins without having to use traditional methods. ChemiSOLO is a must-have tool for any life scientist looking to get the most out of their research.

chemiSOLO Benefits

quantity accuracy

Quantitative Data Acquisition

Linear detection from the chemiSOLO allows for Western blot quantitation over a wide dynamic range without saturation


Unique Web-based Connection

Control the chemiSOLO using your phone, tablet, Mac or PC, no downloads required

Azure Biosystems highly sensitive chemi Western blots

Highly Sensitive Imaging

Rapidly images chemiluminescent Western blots with femtogram sensitivity

Space-efficient design

Smaller than a microwave, with the footprint of a laptop, the chemiSOLO replaces darkrooms and bulky imagers

Your Personal Western Blot Imager

Chemi made Convenient

The chemiSOLO detects low-expressing proteins with femtogram sensitivity and captures marker images at the push of a button.

chemiluminescent FLASH Western Blot HeLa serial each in duplicate antitubulin antiactin with marker imaged with Azure Biosystems chemiSOLOChemiluminescent FLASH Western Blot HeLa serial each in duplicate antitubulin antiactin with marker imaged with the chemiSOLO

Quantitative Image Acquisition


The chemiSOLO’s wide dynamic range can be further enhanced by using EDR, our Extended Dynamic Range function. This feature allows for linear, quantitative data, while avoiding saturation.

Azure chemiOLO EDR capabillity

Broad Accessibility

A unique web browser interface allows the chemiSOLO to be controlled by phone, tablet, or PC, without the need to install any additional software.

Azure chemiSOLO software shown on cell phone, laptop, and tablet connectionchemiSOLO software is accessible by phone, laptop, or tablet. iOS, PC and Android compatible.

Space-efficient Design


The chemiSOLO’s compact design will fit neatly into any busy lab space.

chemiSOLO on top of a lab bench next to a stack of paperschemiSOLO has dimensions of 11.5” x 8.75” x 17.0”

Flexible Imaging


In addition to Western blots, the chemiSOLO captures pictures of colorimetric blots or visible stained protein gels, like Coomassie blue or silver stain.

Coomassie-stained gel from Azure chemiSOLO

A protein SDS-PAGE gel stained with Coomassie dye and imaged using the Visible Color Imaging option on the chemiSOLO.

chemi FLASH WB HeLa serial (each in duplicate) anti-tubulin anti-actin chemiSOLO

HeLa cells lysates probed for actin and detected with chemiluminescence.


chemiSOLO performs both chemiluminescent and visible light imaging

Available Options

CS1007chemiSOLO Ethernet ConnectorRM629.00
CS1008chemiSOLO Ethernet to USB AdapterRM779.00
CS1000chemiSOLO ImagerRM97,586.00