Designed for flexible choice in detection chemistry and samples, the Sapphire FL brings precise quantitation of nucleic acids and proteins

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Azure Aqua Power Supply

The Azure Aqua Power Supply is a universal power supply that is designed for powering electrophoresis and Western blotting transfer modules. The power supply can create and save protocols for all your gel and blotting experiments, and includes a pause/resume function for flexibility.

Power supply includes output range of 5–600V, 1–1200mA, 1–500W, LCD readable voltage, current, power, and four power connections to run multiple experiments at once. Able to control constant power, current, or voltage.

24cm x 30.5cm x 10cm

5.6 lbs


Unlimited Laser and Filter Wavelength combinations

The Sapphire FL features a unique, patent-pending design of interchangeable and customizable laser and filter modules, enabling a virtually infinite number of spectral combinations. A broad range of excitation and emission wavelengths, as well as phosphor imaging, are supported.

This versatility permits research-driven, rather than instrument-dictated, experimental design. With the Sapphire FL, the user-exchangeable optical modules (consisting of one laser and one emission filter) ensure there is no need to compromise.

Application Flexibility

The flexibility of the Sapphire FL guarantees researchers the freedom to confidently choose the best dyes and chemistry for any experiment. Custom optical modules can excite any dye at its peak, resulting in the highest possible signal for any fluorophore.

In addition to fluorescence, the Sapphire FL also excels at imaging phosphor screens and chemiluminescence using the optional Chemiluminescence Module.

Sensitive Fluorescent Detection

No other system on the market matches the Sapphire FL’s coverage across the fluorescent spectrum. Extend your reach into the UV spectrum with our 375 custom optical module. High sensitivity allows femtogram detection of proteins labeled with common fluorescent dyes.

Distinguish between Subtle Differences in Expression with Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)

Extended dynamic range, when selected, allows imaging of both bright and weak bands without experiencing saturation. This is ideal for samples that feature strong and weak expressing proteins.

EDR extends dynamic range to 24 bits of data.

5-micron Resolution

 The Sapphire FL Z-plane ranges from -1 mm below to +6 mm above the glass imaging surface, allowing crystal clear imaging of samples with depth. The adjustable focal plane enables scanning of thick samples. Screen slides before microscopic analysis by imaging multiple slides at a resolution of 5 microns. 

Optimize the focal plane for your sample. Easily switch between sample types with confidence that each image will be sharply in focus. Create Z-stacks and GIFs to visualize multiple focal planes at once.

Adjustable Focus

We understand some samples are on the glass (Western blots), while some samples are raised above the glass surface (96-well plates). Some samples also have multiple focal points within them, such as tissue slides and organs. Sapphire FL can image those too.

The Sapphire FL offers a 7mm software-controlled adjustable focal plane, so you can scan your sample at multiple depths to ensure you see all your data has to offer.

Chemiluminescent Imaging When You Need It

The Chemiluminescence Module adds to the power of the Sapphire FL by providing high-resolution, quantitative chemiluminescence and visible imaging.

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