Galaxy 330 Colony Counter


Colony Counter Product Features :

  • Pressure sensor design, no contamination
    Pressure sensor design allows users to operate with any marking pens. No worries about sample spoiled or contaminated.
  • 4-display panel
    The panel shows up to 4 counts, including current and the most recent three counting(s).
  • User-friendly design
    (1) Auto average: Calculating average of multiple counts with a single press.
    (2) BACK button: Opportunity to count back when over-counting by mistake.
    (3) Compatible with Petri-dishes in various diameters.


Colony Counter certificates

  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification


Colony Counter Applications

  • Microbiological test
  • Total bacteria counting
  • Total coliform counting



▸ Display: 3-digit, LED panel
▸ Magnification: 2~3 X
▸ Petri dish diameter: 60 mm, 90~150 mm adjustable
▸ Storage: 100 records
▸ Average: Yes
▸ Zero reset: Yes
▸ Count back: Yes
▸ Illumination: LED (adjustable)
▸ Pressure sensitivity: Adjustable
▸ Acoustical counting signal: Adjustable
▸ Power input: DC12V, 0.8A
▸ Max. power: 10W
▸ Output: USB
▸ Net weight: 5.6 Kg
▸ Dimension (LxWxH): 35 x 30 x 37 cm

Available Options

TI175331-02Galaxy 330, Colony Counter with softwareRM5,707.00