Vacuum Drying Laboratory Ovens VACUCELL 55



Ovens with Heat Distribution in Vacuum or Inert Gas
Type ECO Line MC000218
Type EVO Line MC001659
Temperature sensitive, easy decomposable or oxidative materials can be dried very tenderly in VACUCELL® vacuum drying ovens, where there is the opportunity of extrusion of air by inert gas. Also complicated components with hardly accessible hollow spaces are drying quickly and effectively in VACUCELL® ovens. Ideal for drying of samples to constant weight. Special application of the device is possible mainly in the fields of plastics processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, electro technical and other industries.
  • fast, gentle, environmentally friendly – laboratory drying oven for higher demands
  • chamber volume 55 litres
  • temperature range from 5°C above ambient to 200°C
  • characterized by noiseless operation and gentle sample heating in the chamber, offering high-quality and safe heating and drying of samples up to constant weight
  • high operation comfort, precise temperature control and short chamber temperature equalization times after the door opening
  • suitable for perfect drying of thermally labile and oxidation sensitive materials, complicated shapes, drying of samples to constant weight, etc. in vacuum
  • wide selection of optional equipment and accessories (e.g. supplementing the “Vacustation” base with the option of installing a selected type of a vacuum pump,…)


Interior of stainless steel material No. 1.4571


55 l


320 mm


400 mm


430 mm



2 pcs

racks max.

7 pcs

Minimal Shelves distance


43 mm

Usefull dim. of shelf

width × depths

340 × 296 mm

External dimensions (including door and handle)


560 mm


620 mm

heights(incl. foots)

910 mm

Package dimensions


730 mm


760 mm

height (incl. palette)

1050 mm



111 kg


98 kg

Working temperature (regulation start)

from 5 °C over ambient temp to

200 °C

Temp. deviations acc. to DIN 12 880 Part 2 from working temp – Al shelves pressure 5–10 mbar**

in time to:

0,4 ± °C

in space, temperature 100 °C do:

2 ± °C

in space, temperature 200 °C do:

6 ± °C

Temp. deviations acc. to DIN 12 880 Part 2 from working temp – ss shelves pressure 5–10 mbar**

i time to:

1 ± °C

in space, temperature 100 °C do:

10 ± °C

in space, temperature 200 °C do:

23 ± °C

Time of rise onto 98 % voltage 230 V – (Al shelves pressure 5–10 mbar)

onto temp 100 °C

65 min

onto temp 200 °C

85 min

Time of rise onto 98 % voltage 230 V – (shelves pressure 5–10 mbar)

onto temp 100 °C

140 min

onto temp 200 °C

180 min

Heat radiation

at 100 °C

260 W

at 200 °C

520 W

Vacuum connection

feedthrough needle valve for inert gas or air

8 mm

measuring acces (ISO KF)

40 mm

vacuum connection measuring DN (ISO KF) Including hose end Ø 12 mm

16 mm

Electric parameters – mains 50/60 Hz

nominal voltage

230 V

mains 50/60 Hz

1,2 kW


5,2 A

input in stand by mode

5 W

Max. permissible load of the shelves

inside the oven

45 kg/oven

per shelves

25 kg

Available Options

MC000218Vacucell 55 ECORM57,678.60