Laboratory WalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD9031


WalkLAB Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD9031

Trans Instruments (TTBH PTE LTD, Singapore), a leading manufacturer specialising in pH and conductivity instrumentation for over three decades in water analysis, is delighted to introduce the latest addition to our WalkLAB series: the WalkLAB Dissolved Oxygen meter HD9031.

Designed for both laboratory and field use, the meter boasts a dual-display LCD with integrated temperature readings. Encased in a rugged ABS housing, it is fully splash-proof and weather-proof with an IP rating of 65.

The meter is user-friendly, displaying readings in mg/L (ppm) within a range of 0 to 20ppm and offering an accuracy of +/-0.4ppm. It comes equipped with a probe suitable for standard BOD bottle fittings, facilitating Biochemical Oxygen Demand measurements. The air calibration feature, complemented by a countdown function, minimises errors. Additionally, the meter allows for recording sessions to capture maximum and minimum readings during testing.

Automatic atmospheric and salinity compensation settings enhance its versatility, especially in non-sea-level locations or when dealing with samples with higher salinity. This automation streamlines readings, eliminating the need for manual conversions within the test session thus making it an ideal choice for both laboratory and field-testing environments.



Model: WalkLAB Dissolved Oxygen Meter
Range: 0 – 20ppm(mg/L)
Display Resolution: 0.1 ppm (mg/L)
Accuracy (machine only): ± 0.4 ppm (mg/L)
Temperature compensation: 0 to 50°C
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Operating humidity: Maximum 80% relative humidity
Battery type: 4 x AAA size battery
Other Parameter HD9031 comes with 3 meter probe

HD9031N comes with 1 meter probe

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Available Options

TR-HD9031NWalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter With 1 Meter ProbeRM2,314.00
TR-PD9031Dissolved Oxygen Electrode with 1 meter cable for HD9030RM1,096.00