Laboratroy WalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter with 3 Meter Probe


WalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter HD9033

The WalkLAB Dissolved Oxygen Meter is designed for full portability. This economical meter is most suitable for use at sea level and for fresh water. The specially designed strap-on, hang over bag is fully equipped with all accessories needed to operate the meter. Each unit comes with an extra membrane, a bottle electrolyte and with a salinity conversion table for quick conversion. This basic DO meter is most popular with aquaculture users due to its simplicity. Advanced Features: Utilization of microcontroller technology provides fast, accurate readings allowing digital repeatability Fast In-Air calibration. Uses durable long lasting components including a light weight chemical resistant HDPP casing Large and easy to read Liquid Crystal Display



Model: WalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter 3 Meter Probe
Range: 0 – 20 mg/L
Display Resolution: 0.1 mg/L
Accuracy (machine only): ? 0.4 mg/L
Temperature compensation: 0 to 40?C
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50?C
Operating humidity: Maximum 80% relative humidity
Battery type: DC9V (1604A, 6LF22 or equivalent)
Battery life: Approximately 80 hours
Size: 164 x 83 x 35mm
Weight: 350gm (main unit including battery)

Available Options

TR-HD9033WalkLAB Digital Dissolved Oxygen Meter With 3 Meter ProbeRM2,201.00
TR-PD9033Dissolved Oxygen Electrode with 3 meter cable(for model HD9033)RM1,170.00