AZLON® Wash Bottle, wide neck, unprinted, non-vented, LDPE

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  • Flexible LDPE bottle fitted with a single piece polypropylene closure
  • Wide neck enables easy spill free filling
  • Colour-coded one-piece polypropylene closure will maintain their shape in use
  • Closures features precision jet-tip aperture for fine control
  • NOTE: For dispensing use only. Not for liquid storage.


Product Overview

The AZLON® square shoulder wash bottle features a wide neck for easy filling and a precision jet-tip aperture for fine liquid control.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Closure Color
WGW229P 250 Mixed pack one of each colour
WGW231P 250 RED
WGW232P 250 Yellow
WGW233P 250 Green
WGW234P 250 BLUE
WGW235P 500 BLUE
WGW237P 500 RED
WGW238P 500 Yellow
WGW239P 500 Green
WGW443P 1000 WHITE
WGW444P 1000 Yellow
WGW445P 1000 RED
WGW446P 1000 BLUE
WGW447P 1000 Green