Cell Spreaders


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Cell Spreaders

? Ideal for even spreading of bacterial cultures

? Smooth spreading surface with slight upward angle reduces the risk of damaging agar surface

? L-shape allows application on the entire Petri Dish or plate surface

? Gamma radiation sterilized

? Available in individually wrapped and 10 pieces per bag which keep them safe from

contamination and easy to be used

? 10 pieces pack includes a piece of cardboard with product description to better protect products and the bag can be resealed



Cat # Color Sterile Unit
65-1001 Orange YES 1 /Bag, 500 Bags/Case
65-1010 Orange YES 10 /Bag, 50 Bags/Case


Cat No Color Sterile Unit
BI-65-1001 Orange YES 1 /Bag, 500 Bags/Case
BI-65-1010 Orange YES 10 /Bag, 50 Bags/Case

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BI-65-1001L Shaped Cell Spreader, PS, Sterile, Individually Wrapped, 500 Pcs/CaseRM343.00
BI-65-1010L-shaped Spreader, Polystyrene, Sterile, 10 Pieces/Pack, Orange, 10 Pieces/Pack,50 Packs/CaseRM329.00