Swing Piston Gas Pump

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Swing Piston Gas Pump

KNF swing piston gas pumps compress, transfer or evacuate. They run 100% oil-free, can operate in any orientation and are available with many motor options. Swing piston pumps generate pressure and vacuum within a compact size and offer higher flow rates than diaphragm pumps of the same dimensions.  

Technical Details

Flow Rate (max.)78 l/min
Pressure (max.)2 bar (rel.)
Ultimate Vacuum (max.)80 mbar (abs.)
Valve Material OptionsStainless steel
Pump Head Material OptionsAluminium
Piston SealingPTFE
Motor Type OptionsAC



  • Excellent reliability
  • High performance-to-size ratio
  • Contamination free transfer

Special Features

  • Piston pump

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