CryoKING Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes


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CryoKING Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes

? Made of durable cardboard with superior white outer coating

? Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents

? Five assorted colors available: white, yellow, pink, blue, and green

? White Premium Cardboard Freezer Boxes have a glossy coating, other colors have a matte coating

? Water-resistant coating for improved durability

? Superior white 90-1281 & 90-1200 cardboard cryogenic boxes without outer coating are also available

? Holds 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml, 5ml and 10ml microtubes and 15ml or 50ml Centrifuge Tubes

? Working temperature: stable from -196?C to 121?C

? Suitable for liquid nitrogen freezing

Available Options

BI-90-2281Cryoking,2" Plasti-Coat Cryobox with 81-well dividerRM943.00
BI-90-52812" 81 Well Cardboard Freezer Pack with Matte Coating, AssortedRM800.00
BI-90-2200Cryoking,2" Plasti-Coat Cryobox with 100-well divider,RM943.00
BI-90-52002" 100 Well Cardboard Freezer Pack with Matte Coating, Assorted ColoursRM800.00
BI-90-2381Cryoking,3" Plasti-CoatTM Cryobox with 81-well dividerRM1,057.00
BI-90-2300Cryoking,3" Plasti-CoatTM Cryobox with 100-well dividerRM1,057.00
BI-90-5016Cryoking,Superior White Coated Freezer box for 50ml tubes, 16-well dividerRM1,057.00
BI-90-1536Cryoking,Superior White Coated Freezer box for 15ml tubes, 36-well dividerRM1,114.00