Filter Cartridge


◆ Equipped with patented Prote™ overflow protection to prevent liquid from entering the pump. (167301-07)
◆ Filters particles and moisture from entering the pump, maximizes pumps uptime and life.


Filter Cartridge Ordering Information


Part Number Description
167301-07 Filter cartridge for Rocker 300/400/410/430, with Prote™ overflow protection
167801-07 Filter cartridge for Rocker 801/811/ 901 / 911, no Prote™ overflow protection

Available Options

TI167301-07Prote™ Filter Cartridge (Overflow Protection) for Rocker 300/400/410/430RM89.00
TI167801-07Filter Cartridge for Rocker 801/811/600/610 (without ProteTM over_ow protection)RM89.00