DURAN® Silicone Lid (Pink)


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DURAN® Silicone Lid

  • Manufactured from silicone
  • For covering and sealing laboratory vessels
  • Stretchable and thus suitable for a large number of vessel openings
  • Available in different colours for clear differentiation and identification
  • Easy to remove with the aid of a flap, both with and without gloves
  • Chemically resistant, heat resistant and reusable
  • Autoclavable (silicone lid only without glassware)

Product Overview

The closure or covering of vessels is an everyday topic in the laboratory. Often glass plates or aluminium foil are used. From the point of view of environmental friendliness and durability, both variants are rather classified as disadvantageous. The newly developed silicone cover is a good alternative to conventional cover variants and is available individually in three sizes or as a set. Due to its elasticity, the lid can be used for a variety of vessel openings, square or round. The silicone lid has a slightly larger tab that can be used as a writing field. The three colours offered – cyan, pink and green – also allow colour identification. The stretchy DURAN® silicone lids are resistant to both chemicals and heat.They are recommended for use at temperatures between -40 and +180 °C. The DURAN® lids are manufactured from silicone, which is an autoclavable, and microwave-safe material. However due to the pressure changes that occur during autoclaving the lids may become loose, or tear, as a result they are not recommended for this type of application.
Size Diameter d (mm) Height h (mm)
S 42.2 22.5
M 63.7 22.5
L 83.7 23.2
XL 98.7 23.2
XXL 128 23.2

Available Options

291101119DURAN? Silicone lid, size S, pinkRM22.10
291102115DURAN? Silicone lid, size M, pinkRM28.90
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291104116DURAN? Silicone lid, size XL, PinkRM52.20
291105112DURAN? Silicone lid, size XXL, PinkRM63.90
291100011DURAN? Silicone lid, set S/M/L, pinkRM78.00
291100044DURAN? Silicone lid, set XL/XXL, PinkRM104.30