AZLON® Vacuum Desiccator, polycarbonate

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  • Manufactured from transparent polycarbonate
  • Durable with high impact resistance
  • Will safely withstand high vacuum pressures
  • Ceramic plate permits the use of incandescent crucibles
  • Supplied with stopcock

Product Overview

The AZLON® polycarbonate vacuum desiccator has high impact resistance, permits the use of incandescent crucibles and operates safely at high vacuum pressures.
Catalog No ID (mm) Plate Dimensions (a x b x c mm) Overall Height (mm) Remarks Quantity
AZ-DWA215 215 205 Overall height mm: 262 Effective inside height mm: 178 1
AZ-DWA245 245 236 Overall height mm: 296 Effective inside height mm: 195 1