AZLON® Conical Flask, polypropylene


The AZLON® conical flask in PMP exhibits good chemical resistance and is supplied with a screw cap. Suitable for food contact applications, they are an ideal alternative to glass.

AZLON® Conical Flask, polypropylene

  • Manufactured from polypropylene
  • Wide neck with PP screw cap or can be used alternatively with a stopper
  • Offers excellent chemical resistance
  • Flask and cap can be autoclaved at 121oC
  • Suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations
  • NOTE: When autoclaving, always ensure the caps are completely loosened or removed to prevent accidental implosion.


Product Overview

The AZLON® conical flask in polypropylene has a screw cap and offers excellent chemical resistance. Suitable for food contact applications, they are also a good alternative when the use of glass is prohibited.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Graduation Intervals (mL) Thread Neck Size Quantity
AZ-FDE542 50 10 GL40 34/35 1
AZ-FDE544 100 20 GL40 34/35 1
AZ-FDE546 250 50 GL52 45/40 1
AZ-FDE548 500 100 GL52 45/40 1
AZ-FDE550 1000 200 GL52 45/40 1

Available Options

AZ-FDE550Conical Flask 1000ml with Screw Cap, PPRM160.00