AZLON® Bottle, round, narrow neck, PP

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AZLON® Bottles, Round, Narrow Neck, Polypropylene

– Translucent, rigid polypropylene bottles with polypropylene screw caps
– Heavy duty and very durable in use
– Autoclavable at 121°C
– Suitable for food contact applications in accordance with EU and U.S. FDA regulations
– Ideal for a wide range of liquid storage, media preparation and sampling applications
– Batch certificate available to download online
– Good general chemical resistance

AZ-BNP0060PN Round Bottle 60ml, PP, Narrow Neck  ** while stock last **
AZ-BNP0125PN Round Bottle 125ml, PP, Narrow Neck
AZ-BNP0150PN Round Bottle 150ml, PP, Narrow Neck
AZ-BNP0250P Round Bottle 250ml, PP, Narrow Neck
AZ-BNP0500P Round Bottle 500ml, PP, Narrow Neck


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AZ-BNP1000PRound Bottle 1000ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM10.60 RM15.53
AZ-BNP2000PRound Bottle 2000ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM15.30 RM22.94
AZ-BNP0060PNRound Bottle 60ml, PP, Narrow Neck ** while stock last **RM1.65 RM3.35
AZ-BNP0125PNRound Bottle 125ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM3.55 RM5.06
AZ-BNP0150PNRound Bottle 150ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM3.55 RM5.06
AZ-BNP0250PRound Bottle 250ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM6.45 RM9.82
AZ-BNP0500PRound Bottle 500ml, PP, Narrow NeckRM7.05 RM10.06