Arium® Bagtank Water Purification System With Pump, 240 VAC

Arium® Bagtank Water Purification System With Pump, 240 VAC

The Arium® Bagtank water storage system allows for the secure storage of pure water in your laboratory. Enjoy the convenience of pure water protection with disposable bags that eradicate the need for time-consuming cleaning procedures.


Top Features of the Arium® Bagtank

  • Pure water storage and protection from secondary contamination
  • Disposable bags eliminate the need for cleaning steps and chemicals
  • Efficient storage for streamlined workflows
  • Easy maintenance and exchange of bags


Popular Applications for the Arium® Bagtank

  • Secure storage of prepared pure water for dispensing using Arium® Smart Station dispensers
  • Space-saving in laboratory workspaces
  • Feed water applications


Simplify your pure water laboratory needs with the innovative Arium® Bagtank water storage unit. This closed Bagtank system uses a replaceable, secure, disposable bag, meaning your prepared water is secure from secondary contamination. The Sartorius Arium® Bagtank ensures steady water quality levels for a prolonged period.


Convenient Water Storage

The design of the Arium® Bagtank offers numerous benefits. Typically, water is stored in tanks. Here, the system uses disposable Arium® Bags. This obviates the need for time-intensive cleaning procedures required for prolonged use of water tanks. There is no need for the use of cleaning chemicals. With the Arium® Bagtank, you simply remove the bag and replace it with a new one.


Consistent, Reliable and Reproducible Results

Maintaining the quality of prepared pure water is critical for ongoing experiments. With the Arium® Bagtank, you ensure the likelihood of obtaining highly reproducible results for extended periods of time. The Arium® Bagtank has a flow rate of three liters per minute. It can also be used in a diverse scale of operating temperatures, 2 °C – 35 °C, at max. Along with Storage temperatures of 5 °C – 45 °C, at max.


Compatible with Arium® Comfort and Arium® Advance

The Arium® Bagtank is compatible with both Arium® Comfort systems and Arium® Advance systems. This range of systems offers unparalleled efficiency and ease of use for water dispensing of prepared pure water.



  • Application
    Feed Lab Water Systems


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    85.2 × 25.4 × 58.7 cm


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Arium® Comfort I
    • Arium® Comfort II
    • Arium® Advance RO
    • Arium® Advance EDI

General Specifications

  • Flow Rate
    3 L/min

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    240 VAC, 50 Hz

Product Information

  • Brand


  • Tank Volume
    50 Liter