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The addition of a suitable catalyst, along with high temperatures, influences the speed and the efficiency of mineralization in Kjeldahl analyses. Achieving the highest level of performance in a wide range of Kjeldahl applications is now possible with VELP Scientifica genuine catalyst tablets.

The use of catalysts is now recognized and officially accepted by the major standards such as AOCS, AOAC, AACC and ISO to accelerate Kjeldahl digestion.

The KjTabsTM VW consist of accurately pre-dosed tablets composed of sulfate, to increase the boiling point of sulphuric acid, plus Copper (Cu) and Selenium (Se) as metal salts to accelerate the mineralization process.

VW recommended for applications based on the Wieninger method
4,875 g K2SO4 + 0,075 g CuSO4 x 5 H2O + 0,050 g Se
1000 pcs

VELP analytical experts KjTabsTM catalyst tablets application suggestions

The KjTabsTM VW are the most suitable choice when performing Kjeldahl analysis in feed and pet food industries:

  • Protein determination in animal feed and pet food, forage, grain, and oilseeds
  • Determination of nitrogen content and calculation of crude protein content in animal feedstuffs

VELP analytical department will be happy to help you in the choice of the most suitable KjTabsTM based on the application to be performed and on your laboratory needs.

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KjTabs Kjeldahl Catalyst Tablets