In today’s laboratory where space is constricted, vertical setups are more common and stability, health and safety are required in everyday’s operations. With your needs in mind we are presenting our new H-Stand Series.
Thanks to their h-shaped base stability is guarantedd throughout your operation with any kind of attachments including VELP Overhead Stirrers and OV5 homogenizer.

VP-A00000366 Universal H-Stand

The Universal H-Stand ensures stability and compatibility with all VELP Overhead Stirrers. It is possible to adjust the stand in order to adapt it to uneven surface.
Diameter of support rod: 28 mm
Dimensions (W x D): 462 x 430 mm
Height: 1.015 mm
Max. load: 10 kg



VP-A00000369 Telescopic H-Stand 

The VELP Telescopic H-Stand raising and lowering even heavy attachments will be easy and effortless with  that facilitates these operations thanks to a telescopic system. The stand has an adjustment handle to effotlessly move the stirrer. The Telecopic H-Stand is compatible with all VELP Overhead Stirrers.
Diameter of support rod: 34 mm
Dimensions (W x D): 462 x 430 mm
Height: 615 – 1.015 mm
Max. load: 10 kg

VP-A00000383 Double Rod Mini H-Stand set 

The Double rod Mini H-Stand set is designed for light weigh instruments and comes complete of all its parts. This stand is desgined to avoid rotation of attachment and instruments thanks to the double rod and the bosshead clamp.
Diameter of support rod: 12 mm
Dimensions (W x D): 300 x 430 mm
Height: 852 mm
Max. load: 10 kg




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Available Options

VP-A00000383Double Rod Mini H-Stand SetRM4,824.00
VP-A00000369Telescopic H-StandRM5,019.00
VP-A00000366Universal H-Stand for Overhead StirrerRM2,557.00