Velp User Kit UDK149



The kit contains the spare parts most subjected to wear and allows you to perform a basic maintenance easily and independently.

The User Kit is designed to keep your instrument running with high performances ensuring easy maintenance and quick resolution of any minor inconvenience.

Consider to add a user kit to your analytical instruments to benefit from:

  • Autonomous ordinary maintenance of the instrument with a consequent reduction of the time required for the intervention of specialized personnel.
  • Reduction of unplanned downtime with consequent improvement of profit and production performance.
  • Reduction of costs for the purchase of necessary spare parts and for any extraordinary maintenance.
  • Original spare parts necessary for the proper functioning of the instrument, always at hand.

The User Kit includes:

  • Standard test tube connection (10002322) – x1
  • EPDM tube Ø6,4X 11,2mm black (10005558) – x1
  • EPDM  tube Ø4.8 x 8mm (10002411) – x1
  • EPDM  tube Ø6,4×11,2 mm (10002412) – x1

Available Options

VP-10002412EPDM tube Ø6.4 x 11.2mm (1 Meter)RM504.71
VP-10002322Standard test tube connectionRM588.24