Biologix Upgraded Cryogenic Vials S Series

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Biologix Upgraded Cryogenic Vials S Series


1. Made of medical grade polypropylene; Autoclavable,

can be repeatedly frozen and thawed.

2. 2ml/5ml external thread, with/out side barcode.

3. 7 different colored caps, black graduation printing and white writing area.

4. Gamma radiations sterilized, DNase & RNase free, endotoxin free, foreign DNA free.

Stable from -196°C to 121°C (gas phase of liquid nitrogen).


Cat # Description
BI-88-3200S——BI-88-3207S 2.0ml, external, without side barcode
BI-88-3500S——BI-88-3507S 5.0ml, external, without side barcode
BI-88-6200S——BI-88-6207S 2.0ml, external, with side barcode
BI-88-6500S——BI-88-6507S 5.0ml, external, with side barcode

Available Options

BI-88-3200SCryoKING 2.0 ml vial, White cap, External , no Barcode, PP, O-ring free cap, 1000pcs/caseRM680.00 RM1,000.00