Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller


◆ One-year warranty
◆ Start and leave with evaporation detect and auto adjustments.
◆ GUI control panel, what you see is what you get.
◆ Leave your glove on, Pilot can still read your taps.
◆ Can be installed in every vacuuming sources.
◆ Suitable for laboratory or industrial environments.
◆ CE, UKCA, RoHS certificated

Vacuum Controller Feature


  • Auto evaporation mode
    Pilot 100 detects the vapor pressure and keep vacuum at optimal level to avoid bumping. Feel free to start and leave.
  • Graphical User Interface
    Processes of Pilot 100 can be defined via its user-friendly GUI. With intuitive drop-down lists and modules up to 10 steps, it provides user full flexibility of control.
  • High Compatibility
    Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller can be installed with most of vacuum sources including diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.
  • Touch panel
    Touch panel of Pilot 100 reads the taps underneath thick lab gloves, making the control easy and convenient.
  • Detachable & remote control
    Control panel of Pilot 100 is detachable from its magnetic mount base and can be remotely controlled.

Vacuum Controller Certificate


  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification
  • IP 42 protection (front)
  • RoHS certification

Vacuum Controller Application


Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller Specification


▸ Model: Pilot 100
▸ Power input: DC24V, 1A
▸ Resolution: 1 digit
▸ Pressure display: mbar, hPa, torr
▸ Display:  7” touch screen
▸ Measuring range: 1100 ~ 0 mbar abs.
▸ Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mbar (after adjustment, constant temp.)
▸ Setting range: 1013 ~ 0 mbar 
▸ Housing material: Plastic
▸ Venting valve: Yes
▸ Auto-cleaning: Yes
▸ Power: 15 W
▸ Hose barb: ID 8 ~ ID10
▸ Safety: Over-pressure Protection, Error Message
▸ Dimension ( L x W x H ): 21 x 20 x 18 cm
▸ Net weight: 2.2 Kg


Available Options

TI183100-02Pilot 100, Vacuum Controller with AC100~240V adaptorRM9,893.00