Keck™ Clip for Conical Joints, KC


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  • Manufactured from POM
  • Excellent dimensional stability and good spring properties
  • No damage to the glass surface during attachment unlike conventional wire clamps
  • Easy, safe and quick to put on and take off
  • Colour coding per size


Product Overview

KECK™ POM (polyoxymethylene) conical ground joint clamps are easy, safe and quick to attach and are characterised by their dimensional stability and good spring properties. In contrast to conventional wire clamps, the glass surface is not damaged when it is attached. This increases safety in the laboratory. The sizes can be easily distinguished from each other by the different colours.
Catalog No For Nominal Size Color
2863361 NS 10 green
2863362 NS 12 purple
2863363 NS 14 yellow
2863364 NS 19 blue
2863365 NS 24 green
2863366 NS 29 red
2863367 NS 34 orange
2863368 NS 40 yellow
2863369 NS 45 amber

Available Options

2863361Keck Conical Joint Clip for 10/19 - Mint ColourRM30.00
2863362Keck Conical Joint Clip for 12/21 - Violet ColourRM32.00
2863363Keck Conical Joint Clip for 14/23 - Yellow ColourRM33.00
2863364Keck Conical Joint Clip for 19/26 - Blue ColourRM33.00
2863365Keck Conical Joint Clip for 24/29 - Green ColourRM36.00
2863366Keck Conical Joint Clip for 29/32 - Red ColourRM38.00
2863367Keck Conical Joint Clip for 34/35 - Orange ColourRM42.00
2863368Keck Conical Joint Clip for 40/38 - Ochre ColourRM48.00
2863369Keck Conical Joint Clip for 45/50 - Brown ColourRM50.00