Laboratory Incubator FRIOCELL 55

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Friocell 55 ECO Laboratory Incubators with Forced Air Circulation with/for Heating and Cooling, 55L

Laboratory Incubators with Forced Air Circulation with/for Heating and Cooling

-Type ECO Line MC000234

The high technical standard of our FRIOCELL® incubators allows exact incubation processes both for variation and deviation. The units have very short recovery times and show an excellent results in keeping the precise regulation. A unique cooling system ensures, that the samples are not dried while cooling. A high ­performance system of lighting ensures outstanding homogenous parameters for tests and growth conditions. These devices are desig­ned for use in biotechnology, botany, food process­ing industry, cosmetics, chemical industry etc.
  • precise, adaptable to nature, economical – laboratory incubator
  • chamber volume 55 litres
  • temperature range: 0°C to 100°C
  • patented cooling system (ecological working medium R134a) offers accurate and fast simulation of natural processes and reduces the risk of evaporation of samples, the devices may be completed with various types of inner chamber lighting
  • high operation comfort, precise temperature control and the possibility of achieving extremely short times of temperature changes as well as short times of temperature equalization in the chamber after the door opening; standard equipment also includes inner glass door and possibility of fan speed regulation
  • suitable for demanding and accurate specimen culture testing and processes
  • wide selection of optional equipment and accessories
  • output for connecting a printer or PC
  • possibility of validation (IQ, OQ)



Inner dimensions – Chamber, stainless steel

volume55 l
depth370 mm
width400 mm
height350 mm

Volume of the steam space

89 cca l

Trays, stainless steel *)

Min. distance between trays70 mm
number4/2 max./usual
Storage area (w × d)380 × 335 mm

Number of outer metal doors

number1 pcs

Number of inner glass doors

number1 pcs

Admissible weight of trays

together inside the oven50 kg
per 1 tray20 kg

Electricity data

Max. power700 W
IP 20
mains 50/60Hz230 V

Temperature data

Cooling/down time from 22 °C to 10 °C< 21 min
Heating/up time to 37 °C from the ambient temperature11 min
Working temperature from 0,0 to100 °C
Temperature accuracy – in time0,2 ± °C
Temperature accuracy – in space at 10 °C0,5 ± °C

Recovery time after 30 s door open

at 37 °C5 min
at 50 °C6 min

Heat emission

at 37 °C55 W

Outer dimensions, incl. door and handle, Feet (N) or Rollers (K)

depth650 mm
width620 mm
height875 (N) mm


brut102 kg
nett83 kg

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MC000234Friocell 55 ECO Laboratory Incubators with Forced Air Circulation with/for Heating and Cooling, 55LRM15,671.00 RM24,875.00