General Glassware Test Tube Non-Graduated


General Glassware Test Tube

General Glassware Test Tube with Glass Stopper


Available Options

JMF24/0Test Tube S10/19, 14 x 65mm, 2mlRM26.05
JMF24/0/4Test Tube S10/19, 14 x 100mm, 5mlRM26.05
JMF24/12/4Test Tube S12/21, 17 x 100mm, 10mlRM26.05
JMF24/1Test Tube S14/23, 17 x 125mm, 10mlRM23.85
JMF24/1/5Test Tube S14/23, 18 x 125mm, 15mlRM23.85
JMF24/1/6Test Tube S14/23, 17 x 150mm, 16mlRM23.85
JMF24/2Test Tube S19/26, 23 x 100mm, 19mlRM26.05
JMF24/2/6Test Tube S19/26, 23 x 150mm, 31mlRM26.05
JMF24/3Test Tube S24/29, 28 x 150mm, 54mlRM27.95
JMF24/3/8Test Tube S24/29, 28 x 200mm, 75mlRM27.95
JMF24/5Test Tube S34/35, 41 x 250mm, 195mlRM59.20
JTT5/0/PTest Tube 5ml S10/19 with PE Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM30.70
JTT10/1/PTest Tube 10ml S14/23 with PE Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM28.00
JTT25/2/PTest Tube 25ml S19/26 with PE Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM28.55
JTT50/3/PTest Tube 50ml S24/29 with PE Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM30.70
JTT5/0/GLTest Tube 5ml S10/19 with Glass Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM33.00
JTT10/1/GLTest Tube 10ml S14/23 with Glass Stopper, Non-GraduatedRM33.35
JTT25/2/GLTest Tube 25ml S19/26 with Glass StopperRM37.80
JTT50/3/GLTest Tube 50ml S24/29 with Glass StopperRM37.80