General Glassware Specimen Tubes

From: RM216.82 From: RM147.10

Specimen Tubes

Flat bottom supplied with polythene stoppers

Available Options

G050/20Specimen Tube 50 x 12/13mm (Box of 100pcs)RM147.10 RM216.82
G050/22Specimen Tube 75 x 12/13mm (Box of 100pcs)RM170.60 RM250.41
G050/23Specimen Tube 100 x 12/13mm (Box of 100pcs)RM181.20 RM265.53
G050/25Specimen Tube 75 x 16mm (Box of 100pcs)RM265.53
G050/26Specimen Tube 50 x 18/19mm (Box of 100pcs)RM174.15 RM255.47
G050/27Specimen Tube 75 x 18/19mm (Box of 100pcs)RM205.90 RM302.53
G050/28Specimen Tube 50 x 25/26mm (Box of 100pcs)RM229.45 RM336.12
G050/29Specimen Tube 75 x 25/26mm (Box of 100pcs)RM256.50 RM376.47
G050/30Specimen Tube 100 x 25/26mm (Box of 100pcs)RM271.80 RM429.41
G050/31Specimen Tube 150 x 25/26mm (Box of 100pcs)RM539.47