Funnel for Filter Funnel Head


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from Polypropylene
  • Manufactured from blue polypropylene (PP)
  • Replacement funnel for use with DURAN® Filter Funnel Head assembly
  • Available in 3 different funnel sizes
  • The funnel-shaped outlet enables the precise fitting onto a filtering flask

Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. This plastic funnel is used in conjunction with the DURAN® Filter Funnel Head assembly.


Catalog No Thread Stem OD (mm)
292219005 95 18
292212409 28 10
292215003 54 12

Available Options

2922124PP Funnel 28mm for Filter HeadRM39.70
2922150PP Funnel 54mm for Filter HeadRM51.70
2922190PP Funnel 95mm For Filter HeadRM77.50