DURAN® Conical Flask, wide neck


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DURAN® Conical Flask, wide neck

Erlenmeyer shape
  • > Manufactured from borosilicate glass 3.3
  • > The wide neck enables easy filling and cleaning
  • > Erlenmeyer shape
  • > Fired-on, highly durable white ceramic


Product Overview

If larger quantities of solvents or tinctures are to be used, a container that meets these requirements is required. Thick-walled, slightly conical vessels are ideal for this purpose and the preparation bottle is the vessel of choice.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Diameter d (mm) Diameter d1 (OD) (mm) Height h (mm) Remarks Quantity


Diameter d (mm) : 66
Diameter (mm) : 66
Thread : GL 45
Color : blue-yellow
Colour : blue-yellow
Material : PP, PTFE, Silicone
Height (mm) : 38
Autoclavable : Yes

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2122786Conical Flask Wide Neck 10L without GraduationRM1,776.00