DURAN® Büchner Funnel


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DURAN® Büchner Funnel

with Perforated Glass Support Plate
  • > Manufactured from 3.3 expansion borosilicate glass
  • > The integral perforated glass sieve plate serves as a support for filtration membranes and flter paper
  • > A range of different funnel sizes are available
  • > Fired-on, highly durable white print


Product Overview

One of the most important separation methods in the laboratory environment is filtration, which is used to separate or clean different media. For this working method, filters are required which are selected according to the application with regard to size and porosity. Büchner funnels are cylindrical with an integral large-pored glass sieve support plate. Without additional filter paper, only coarse filtration is possible. Büchner funnels can also be used in vacuum filtration. The applied vacuum accelerates the filtration.
Catalog No Capacity (mL) Diameter (mm) Diameter d1 (OD) (mm) Disc Diameter (mm) Height h (mm)
2134122 70 57 10 48 132
2134128 125 72 10 60 140
2134134 220 90 18 73 190
2134144 500 106 22 95 240
2134154 1000 136 22 120 270

Available Options

2134122Buechner Funnel 70ml Disc Diameter 48mmRM509.24
2134128Buechner Funnel 125ml Disc Diameter 60mmRM598.29
2134134Buechner Funnel 220ml Disc Diameter 73mmRM1,008.41
2134144Buechner Funnel 500ml Disc Diameter 95mmRM1,020.18
2134154Buechner Funnel 1000ml Disc Diameter 120mmRM1,505.88