Alligator 200 Diaphragm Liquid Pump


◆ One-Year Warranty
◆ Transfers the filtered liquid directly to waste
◆ Save 40% bench space
◆ Compliant with ISO 8199
◆ No air pollution, high efficiency
◆ CE, UKCA, RoHS certificated
◆ IP 64 protection

Diaphragm Liquid Pump Features

  • Save 30% time

    Alligator 200 comes with a built-in liquid pump to transfer the filtered liquid directly to waste. It saves time by simplifying filtration process.

  • Save 40% bench space

    Alligator 200 pump can be connected directly to filtration system without attaching to waste bottles, which can save up to 40% of bench space in limited lab area.

  • In compliance with ISO 8199 
    Alligator 200 complies with ISO 8199 regulation and is ideal for microbiological sample filtration.
    *ISO 8199: Water quality – General guidance for microbiological examinations by culture.

  • Clean and efficient

    Alligator 200 is diaphragm pump with no needs for lubricant and oil-mist-free. Its built-in 60W brushless DC motor offers stronger and stabler flow than other equivalent models.


  • CE certification
  • UKCA certification
  • IP 64 protection
  • RoHS certification

Diaphragm Liquid Pump Applications

  • Microbiological test by MF Technique
  • Suspended solid test for water monitoring
  • General filtration without collecting filtrate

Alligator 200 Diaphragm Liquid Pump


▸ Input voltage: DC24V, 1.8A
▸ Max. vacuum: 313 mbar abs.
▸ Max. liquid flow rate: 4.5 L/min
▸ Motor: 60W Brushless DC Motor
▸ Noise level: 60 dB
▸ Hose barb: ID8
▸ Material contact with filtrate: SS316, FKM, Silicone, PP, PPS
▸ Net weight: 2.4 Kg
▸ Dimension (LxWxH): 24 x 19 x 20 cm

Available Options

TI181200-02Rocker Alligator 200, Diaphragm Liquid Pump AC220V, 50Hz EU PlugRM7,336.00