Velp Hemispheric bowl for 25ml ~ 5liter flasks



The Hemispheric Bowl is the most suitable solution to replace oil baths and mantles in order to perform clean and safe analysis with round bottom flasks.
VELP Hemispheric Bowl precisely fit the 135 mm diameter plate and the flask surface, ensuring the fastest heat transfer.

Available Options

VP-A00000373Hemispheric bowl 25 ml flasks, plate 135RM1,125.88
VP-A00000330Hemispheric bowl 50 ml flasks, plate 135RM1,478.82
VP-A00000273Hemispheric bowl for 50 ml flasksRM537.65
VP-A00000331Hemispheric bowl 100 ml flasks, plate 135RM1,545.88
VP-A00000258Hemispheric bowl for 100 ml flasksRM571.76
VP-A00000332Hemispheric bowl 250 ml flasks, plate 135RM1,697.65
VP-A00001071Hemispheric bowl for 250 ml flasksRM622.35
VP-A00001072Hemispheric bowl for 500 ml flasksRM756.47
VP-A00000333Hemispheric bowl 500 ml flasks, plate 135RM1,848.24
VP-A00000334Hemispheric bowl 1000 ml flasks, plate 135RM2,034.12
VP-A00001073Hemispheric bowl for 1000 ml flasksRM941.18
VP-A00000374Hemispheric bowl 3 L flasks, plate 135RM3,965.88
VP-A00000375Hemispheric bowl 5 L flasks, plate 135RM6,671.76