-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)


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-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

Haier Biomedical -30℃ biomedical freezer with smart control and energy-saving hydrocarbon refrigeration system for safe and reliable product storage.


Biomedical and life science laboratories within blood banks, hospitals, disease control centres and research institutes as well as electronics and chemical industries. Used for cryopreservation of plasma, biological samples and other products and cold tests for components and materials.

Product Features

-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

Energy saving with variable frequency inverter technology

Optimized refrigeration system with a high efficiency inverter compressor to reduce energy consumption.
-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

Excellent temperature uniformity in a large storage space

Features built-in evaporator, large storage space and adjustable shelf, providing faster temperature pulldown and a better temperature uniformity of set point ±3oC.
-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

Low noise

Sound reduction design lowers the sound level to 37dB(A) at 220V/50Hz.
-30℃ Biomedical Freezer (Direct Cooling)

Environment Friendly

HC refrigeration system contains zero chlorine and fluorine,which is better for the environment.

Urethane foam insulation complies with European ROHS regulation.



Available Options

H-DW-30L818'-30? Biomedical Freezer DW-30L818, Temperature: -10~-30?, Capacity: 818LRM37,414.30
H-DW-30L278278 Liters -30?C Biomedical FreezerRM16,022.00
H-DW-30L508'-25?~-30? Biomedical Freezer DW-30L508 RM20,085.70
H-DW-30L818BP'-30?C Biomedical Freezer RM46,942.90