Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)


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Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)

The combined refrigerator with freezer can be used to store vaccines, reagents and freeze ice packs.

Product Features

Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)

Ergonomic Design

● Safety lock for unauthorized access control

  • ● Equipped with storage basket, easy-reach retrieval of sample

  • ● Low noise

  • ● Aluminium and stainless steel chamber interior, corrosion-proof and easy to clean

  • ● Equipped with handles on both sides of the cabinet, easy to move

Ice-Lined Refrigerator(Chest)


● The refrigerating chamber and freezing chamber both have the separate refrigeration systems to ensure safe vaccine storage

● Green and environment-friendly

● Microprocessor control, solar powered display panel shows refrigerator and freezer interior temperature, refrigerator temperature range is 2~8°C, freezer temperature is less than -10°C

● Cooling chamber with water tank maintains interior temperature, extending the holding time when power is off

● Cooling chamber meets the A level WHO requirements for anti-freezing protection

● Patented technology, better temperature uniformity

● Wide working ambient range, will function normally within an ambient range of 5-43°C


Available Options

H-HBC-80Ice-Lined Refrigerator 2~8?, HBC-80RM10,571.40
H-HBC-150Ice-Lined Refrigerator, 2-8?C HBC-150 RM13,357.10
H-HBC-260Ice-Lined Refrigerator 2~8?, HBC-260 RM17,414.30