Vaccine & Icepack Freezer

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Vaccine & Icepack Freezer

The refrigerators are designed to store vaccines, freeze icepacks, pharmaceuticals etc and used within epidemic prevention, clinics, hospitals, research institutes etc.

Product Features

Vaccine & Icepack Freezer

Refrigeration System

● High quality compressor

● CFC-free high-density foam insulation

● Optimized refrigeration system design

Vaccine & Icepack Freezer

Temperature Control

● Electronic temperature controller with digital display

● Internal temperature range is -15°C to -25°C

Vaccine & Icepack Freezer

Ergonomic Design

● Safety lock to safeguard against unauthorized access

● Stainless steel interior for ease of cleaning

● Internal configuration suitable for various sizes of storage baskets

● Drainage port for ease of cabinet cleaning

● LCD temperature display