The BottleTop Dispenser comes with a range of resources including 1 BottleTop Dispenser, 3 adapters made from PP, 1 filling tube, and an instructional operation manual. Additionally, it is provided with a certificate of calibration and a tool for volume setting adjustments to ensure accuracy when measuring liquids in the laboratory.

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  • fixed volume for standard applications

1 BottleTop Dispenser Fix, 3 adapter of PP, 1 filling tube, operation manual, certificate of calibration, 1 tool

VolumeCat. NoThreadAdapters GLAccuracy A%Coefficient of Variation CV%
1,00 ml4211GL 3228, 40, 450,6%≤0,1%
5,00 ml4212GL 3228, 40, 450,5%≤0,1%
10,00 ml4213GL 3228, 40, 450,5%≤0,1%

Available Options

MIK-4211MIKROMEISTER? Dispenser FIX, 1.00ml RM1,793.00
MIK-4212MIKROMEISTER? Dispenser FIX, 5.0ml RM1,793.00
MIK-4213MIKROMEISTER? Dispenser FIX, 10.0ml RM1,793.00