Incubator CO2CELL 190



Laboratory Incubators with Air circulation with CO2 atmosphere

-Type Standard MC001416

-Type Comfort MC001414

Latest generation of CO2 incubators is focused on constant and reproducible conditions for cell growth procedures, tissue and other cultivating cultures. Trial circuit heating system eliminates the need of fan and consequently lowers the risk of vibrations and cross-contamination. Precise CO2 infrared sensor with high stability provides maximum reliability and measurement accuracy throughout the process. Thanks to the direct heated chamber, installation and maintenance is very easy. The inner glass door is sealed, allowing you to inspect the samples without losing the conditions in the chamber of the device. Outer glass door is sealed towards external sealing.

Range of useful options supports features like sterilization on 200°C while CO2 sensor remains inside machine, split inner glass door lowers the recovery time after door opening, Oxygen control, etc.

  • laboratory incubator – always creates the right atmosphere
  • chamber volume 50 litres
  • temperature range: from 5°C above ambient temperature to 60°C
  • uncontrolled relative humidity: up to 90 ± 5% RH at 37°C
  • CO2 concentration: 0.2% to 20%
  • CO2 sensor: no-deviation infrared sensor (IR)
  • wide selection of optional equipment and accessories
  • output for connecting a printer or PC
  • possibility of validation (IQ, OQ)